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Nick Higgins is an active member of the Catholic missionary community, the Missioners of Christ.  He was born and raised in Florida and frequently travels to Honduras, Latin America, where his mission community is based.  Nick is an author, blogger, musician, bilingual worship leader, and speaker. Contact Nick at

  • Worship (English or Spanish): Guitar, piano, vocals
  • Speaker Topics (English or Spanish): Mission, Evangelization, Christ in the Poor, Theology of the Body/Chastity, Men’s Ministry Topics, General Catholicism Topics

Story Behind “To Love and Serve”

Each Mass concludes with this beautiful command to go in peace to love and serve the Lord, sharing with the world the gift of Christ Himself in the Eucharist whom we have received.  What a gift! Christ is alive in us.  We are His hands and feet and He calls us to share this supernatural love with the world.

“Worship itself, Eucharistic communion, includes the reality both of being loved and of loving others in turn. A Eucharist which does not pass over into the concrete practice of love is intrinsically fragmented.” – Pope Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas Est

Nick’s Personal Story:  In December of 2010, I went on a weekend-long young adult retreat (lead by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal). Friday night, I asked God: “How can I best serve you?  Teach me, my master. Here I am. I am Your servant.  Do with me whatever you will.” I patiently waited for an answer, simply enjoying the retreat and constantly praying to remain open to the Spirit.  Saturday night, I went to Confession and then we had a Eucharistic healing procession (a priest processes around the room with the Host in the Monstrance… Jesus in the Eucharist processes around the room).  After Confession I had felt so… empowered… so strengthened by His Mercy.  I just gazed upon Christ, upon His Flesh, during the procession with great peace and strength, singing praise to my God.  After everything, the evening session concluded and music played a little while longer as people began to leave.  Kneeling in adoration, I bowed down in thanksgiving, and then God answered me:  “Go in peace to love and serve.”

I was overcome with a deep, consuming joy.  Tears of consolation flowed from my eyes.  I just knelt there in the embrace of my Savior as my soul sang back to Him. That weekend, God gave me the strength and grace to embrace the uncertainty, to just trust Him with everything.  A friend on the retreat gave me this quote:

“God always gives us enough light to allow us to take the next step, but keeps us in the dark enough to let us gain merit by trusting Him.” -Blessed John Henry Newman

Sometimes we are kept in the dark and we cannot see God moving or how God is working through us, but we have to just be content with that and be patient.  The word “patience” comes from the Latin “patior” or “pati” which means “to suffer”.  We should take joy in patience, in suffering, because it causes us to trust God even more and to say “Your will, not mine”.

That same December of 2010, I went on my first mission trip to Honduras with the Missioners of Christ (getting a heads up from the Franciscans)….I had never felt more alive, more on-fire in my life, falling madly in love with Christ in the faces of the poor, in the warmth of the mission community family, and in myself in a new radical way.  I still do not know what I am going do with the rest of my life- I may never know, but it doesn’t matter.  We are called to holiness today, to live for Christ here and now trusting Him with each step.  The one thing I do know with absolute confidence is that I want to serve Christ with a radical, completely devoted love, and that brings me great joy and peace.

Media & the New Evangelization

The Church has been called to use media to spread the Gospel message.  Here are some highly recommended Catholic artists/resources:



7 thoughts on “Nick Higgins | Missioner of Christ

  1. I will be praying for you every week. I will do a rosary that God will continue to lead you and guide you to do his will and to lead others to the Father. I was in Tallahassee for the weekend serving him when I came to your church since it was the closest one to where I was. I know that your trip is divine intervention. I hope that it will inspire me to do the same one day.

    • I genuinely thank you for your prayers and support Mrs. Romero- I was praying for you and your intentions as well during my time in Honduras this summer. May He continue to guide you with His divine providence through this awesome adventure of life, may He bless you and your family, and may He give you the grace to say “yes” to the stirrings in your heart, especially if you are called to do mission work. Christ awaits you in the face of the poor!

      “To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.” –St. Augustine

      Peace be with you,

    • Haha! No “training” required! Anyone and everyone should just go and see Christ in the poor for themselves, in our own country or abroad- God will carry you (even if you can’t speak the language). Though, if you ever want more info, give me a call and I’d love to tell you all the different types of mission work out there. Peace brother!

      “The fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace” – Blessed Mother Teresa
      “In giving of ourselves, we find who we are.” – Blessed John Paul II

  2. Very inspiring and beautiful, Nick! I loved it, thanks for sharing. May the Lord bless you for being His hands and feet, and guide as you continue to serve Him wherever He sends you.

  3. Maria Therese Mulieri says:
    June 9 th, 2013 at 4 P.M
    Blessings Nick, I too am a seeker of the Lord and since I lost my “Job at Catholic Charities in Lancaster” I am living in patience and waiting for the breath of the Holy Spirit to speak a word as to where I am being invited to go next. “Lord, help me go with your flow, do not let me push the river as is tempting at times, give me patience Lord God and let me wait on you, to go with the flow of the river of your Love.” Pray for me Nick and I am praying with you. I miss you troubadour and I admire God’s gift of courage in you. Bless the journey before you and may every new person you meet realize Christ is among us, His flesh walks the earth, only to love and to serve in us!May you know only blessings and His peace

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